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ID 79939

Nadav Rikover

Senior UX/UI and Brand Designer. Worked with various start-ups and created variety of visual solutions.

ID 119504

Idan Eisenberg

Founder @cutting-edge-surgical | Strong multidisciplinary background in technology and business | Entrepreneur & Startup Specialist.

ID 476629

Ricardo Moreno

Strategy/Marketing/Business Development guy | Founder of @tsmgo_es | Helping entrepreneurs set up their companies | Spend my nights dreaming of change the world

ID 106797

Roniet Berci

Content strategy, branding, biz dev & social media professional, I love geeking it up, pole acrobatics and working w startups in mobile, advertising & gaming.

ID 159152

Carsten Riemer

Advisor EMEA Hacker Mansion • Worked at @delivery-hero, @team-europe-ventures @trg

ID 35338

Lior Sion

Founder @mit4mit-co-il • Worked at @gettaxi-gett-in-usa, @ibm, @clarizen - developed semi-real time routing products in rails and real time TCP stack in C++

ID 44937

Guy Shalev

Founder, Agency Evolve. Partner, Influence Technologies. Consultant @ibm. Specialize in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

ID 168039

Ram Shallom

Chief Advisor @sightec. Co-Founded and led @kupoya-acquired-by-actu-cci. Managed R&D at the Tech. Unit of the Intel. Force, @idf. M.Sc @ben-gurion-university 2009.

ID 47064

Ohad Frankfurt

Co-Founder and CEO of @getswayy, writing contributor at TNW, socialmedia2day and lifehackorg , I talk and write mostly about social media and startup culture.

ID 152410

Dr. Omri Bergman

PhD in Social Media • Co-Founder at @sortag-com • Practice Lead at @capgemini-consulting • Out of the box thinker • Strong communication and analytic skills

ID 57121

Shahar Pitaru

Consulting startups, blogging @ and mentoring at Google Campus TLV, SeedCamp, MassChallenge and others.

ID 15337

Ben Pouladian


President and Co-Founder of @deco-lighting Tech Investment banking at @broadview-international-jefferies Product Dev @cymer UCSD Electrical Engineering

ID 119783

L.D. Salmanson


Entrepreneur, consultant, and investor. In that order.

ID 99842

Maor Ezer

CEO at @youlicense

ID 152375

Wilhelm T. Roth

ID 43132

Geva Perry

Advisor/board member to @heroku, @twilio, @NewRelic, @totango @sauce-labs, @takipi, @ravello-systems Others. Mentor @techstars, @heavybit

ID 11788

Majento (Sharon Rudich)


Advisor / Founder / Scout of Startups Research Analyst + SME at Signals Intelligence Group Online Editorial & Strategy Executive Worked at Wix, Gizmoz, Vikido

ID 105822

Liron Rose


Founder at @afterdownload and Angel Investor

ID 23853

Ohad Samet


Chief Risk Officer at @klarna. Co-founder @signifyd and @Analyzd (acq by @klarna). @paypal New Ventures. Head of Analytics at FraudSciences (acq by @paypal).

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