Tel Aviv Startups List

Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Tel Aviv.

Meet 641 entepreneurs, makers, and investors based in Tel Aviv

ID 43333

Debbie Levi


Principal at @carmel-ventures

ID 45224

Joel Gascoigne

Co-founder and CEO at @buffer. Took idea to revenue in 7 weeks. Now used to share 500K posts/day, with $3.5m ARR. Blogger, speaker, advisor. @angelpad alum.

ID 149541

Chaim Friedman


Founder @lionbird, @starlims • Worked at @abbott-labs • Investor @marqeta • Studied at @technion-israel

ID 194165

Ron Gura


CEO & Co-Founder @the-gifts-project (acquired by @ebay • Investor @yevvo. Head of eBay's Innovation Center in Israel.

ID 38571

Geoffrey Lewis


Partner at @founders-fund.

ID 66637

Tom Moor

Co-Founder of @sqwiggle. Previously Co-Founder of @buffer. I live startups, make things people want and focus on the little details

ID 62797

Jeff Pulver


Chairman of @zula-1. A pioneer who helped shape the development and growth of the worldwide VoIP industry. Loves Disruptive Technologies. Host #140conf.

ID 20480

Mark Ghermezian


Co founder CEO @appboy / Managing Director @t5-capital-2

ID 188674

T5 Capital


T5 Capital is a venture capital firm focused on investing in early stage innovative and disruptive technology companies.

ID 70493

Raphael Ouzan

Founder & CTO at @billguard

ID 56262

Mitchell Golner


Managing Partner, DreamIt Ventures Israel

ID 23853

Ohad Samet


Chief Risk Officer at @klarna. Co-founder @signifyd and @Analyzd (acq by @klarna). @paypal New Ventures. Head of Analytics at FraudSciences (acq by @paypal).

ID 21549

Liad Agmon


ID 152323

Oded Hermoni


Founder @ozeret4u, @matchup • Worked at @rhodium

ID 145821

Amit Avner


Founder/CEO at @taykey

ID 134704

Roi Tirosh

COO & Co-Founder @yevvo

ID 24599

Ouriel Ohayon

@appsfire co-founder. former VC and formet editor/founder @techcrunch France

ID 1260

Jonathan Pines

Founder @giftrocket • Worked at @facebook Investor @comprehend, @splitwise Studied at @stanford-university, @harvard-university

ID 3533

Gil Dibner


Investor in @innovid, @profitect, @the-gifts-project, @sisense, @yedda.

ID 83106

Bobby Lent


Managing Partner @hillsven. Seed Venture Capital in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Israel. Co-founder of @ariba.

ID 82644

Roy Solomon


Co-Founder of @applause-formally-utest (Named Forbes 8th Fastest Growing Private Company in 2013). A Product guy. Invest in mobile first start-ups.

ID 1502

Arik Waldman

CEO/Co-Founder at @decouch, @tektrak. B.A. and M.B.A. from @university-of-california-los-angeles. Team Manager at BDO Consulting Group, worked with numerous start-ups on a variety of projects.

ID 50606

Victor Rosenman

CEO of Feedvisor - the first algorithmic real-time price management platform for e-commerce marketplaces. Expert in @amazon, Marketplaces & E-Commerce.

ID 64413

Gilad Avidan

Co-founder, CEO at @smore (@techstars Seattle 2011)

ID 90654

Omri Amirav-Drory

Founder & CEO of @genome-compiler Corp (GCC). Postdoc, Brunger Laboratory, @HHMI & @stanford University, School of Medicine.

ID 46941

Jonathan Meiri

CEO of @superfly. Strong product / travel background (@ebay, @paypal, ReardenCommerce, @worldmate). B.Sc. Comp Sci / Psychology, MBA INSEAD

ID 70226

Daniel Kushner

Co-founder of @oktopost. The most awesome platform for B2B social media marketing.

ID 103096

Jishai Evers

Founder & CEO @wikibrains

ID 17740

Dr. Shaula A. Yemini


ID 80188

Yaniv Gelnik


Investor & Entrepreneur

ID 106691

Jonathan Friedman


Partner at LionBird Ventures, investing in startups that are bringing together crowds, clouds and innovative business models, based in Tel Aviv

ID 22622

Tsvika Kleinman

Extensive experience in product management, new product development and innovation, strategic planning, management and execution of complex products.

ID 4002

Lior Shamir

• Founder @skillfully • Former CEO @vibedeck

ID 152041

Marc Helwani


Worked at @goldman-sachs, @york-capital-management • Studied at @concordia-university-montreal

ID 119783

L.D. Salmanson


Entrepreneur, consultant, and investor. In that order.

ID 5024

Ori Manor

Partner at Valueshine Ventures.

ID 92350

Haggai Klorman-Eraqi

COO & Co-Founder, @preen-me. 1st start-up in 7th grade, 1st transatlantic M&A deal as MBA student. BizDev (UsTech), Finance (KE Capital),Technical (@ibm).

ID 43132

Geva Perry

Advisor/board member to @heroku, @twilio, @NewRelic, @totango @sauce-labs, @takipi, @ravello-systems Others. Mentor @techstars, @heavybit

ID 123616

Jonathan Levi


Sold an Inc. 5,000 Rated eCommerce Company at age 24. Former EO Chapter President. Advisor to 4 Startups. VC Experience. BA @university-of-california-berkeley, MBA @insead-1.

ID 72324

Igal Perelman

VP Product @check-3. Previously @Tango, @voxer, @samsung & @intel. Built several mobile products that are used by tens of millions of users.

ID 68282

Elon Ohevya

Founder @saverr-mobile • Worked at @check-point, @xacct • Studied at @bar-ilan-university, @academic-college-of-tel-avivv • @techstars alumni

ID 36947

Jure Mikuz


Established first VC in Slovenia (Europe), looking for A Series investments in CE Europe, bridging to US

ID 362067

Tom Granit Ramu

ID 159152

Carsten Riemer

Advisor EMEA Hacker Mansion • Worked at @delivery-hero, @team-europe-ventures @trg

ID 141767

Erez Yerushalmi

Avid Entrepreneur. CEO at Smite Entertainment. Founder in numerous start-ups. Strategic product background. M.Sc. Product

ID 309224

Uzi Halaby-Senerman

Founder & CTO at Greenbox. Formerly R&D Manager @general-electric and Senior Software Engineer @microsoft.

ID 15337

Ben Pouladian


President and Co-Founder of @deco-lighting Tech Investment banking at @broadview-international-jefferies Product Dev @cymer UCSD Electrical Engineering

ID 132627

Andrey Shirben


Time Traveler (doing it every night and sometimes during the day as well :))

ID 47265

Zeevi Michel

Founder & CEO at @senexx

ID 75753

Roi Carthy


A dude on the Interwebs. Managing Partner at I also cover Israeli startups for TechCrunch.

ID 133777

Uri Laserson

Data scientist at @cloudera. Co-founded @good-start-genetics. PhD in Biomedical Engineering at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. Genomics technology in George Church's lab for immunology.

ID 105822

Liron Rose


Founder at @afterdownload and Angel Investor

ID 171723

Lior Aharoni

Founder EQuala • Worked at @cyber-ark-software

ID 490812

Itai Rabinowitz

VP Product @amitree, formerly Creative Director, @dapper (acquired by @yahoo)

ID 64245

Amir Taichman

Co-Founder & CEO at @offscale

ID 40334

Ron Gross


Founder of the Israeli Bitcoin Association and the Global Bitcoin Association, founder of and Executive Director of the Mastercoin Foundation.

ID 5964

Ami Shpiro


Founder Innovation Warehouse, Clicksoftware. Angel, entrepreneur, experiential mentor, software developer.

ID 3901

Avishai Shoham

Founder & CEO of @evo. Love technology that helps ppl. Vast experience in wireless, social and defense technologies. Bsc EE, @stanford-university MBA. Father of 2

ID 153589

Gur Dotan

Entrepreneur, software addict, open source evangelist, adrenaline junkie. Founder @soomla • Worked at @comverse-technology , @kontera, @capriza • Studied at @tel-aviv-university

ID 69825

Jonathan Schreiber

ID 86614

Sani Sanilevich

Manager of 2009 Internet campaign for PM Benjamin Netanyahu Founder: Digital diving , Marathon, Market 2 Play , @fl3ur , Certified, @seatid,@mika - LLB,EMBA

ID 56932

Avidan Hirsch

Founder @contacts. Strong consumer and financial background. Ex-IDF special forces. Econ / Accounting / Biz graduate (Cum Laude). Semi-pro guitarist.

ID 128066

Yaniv Nizan


Entrepreneur, Business Accelerator and Leader. CEO and Co-founder @soomla Intra-founder @intentclick Co-founder @eyeview

ID 54782

Yoav Degani

Founder & CEO @aniways Co-Founder & CMO @teemew CEO @quadmanage

ID 6315

Oren Butchmits

VP Product. Managed a 60 person team at Orange. Dir Products, Pontis CS, MBA. Mobile freak. Coding for $ since junior high.

ID 87175

Alin Cooperman

CEO & Founder of @make-my-plate.

ID 233797

Itamar Yunger

Experienced RoR Developer; Worked @soundbetter Mximo, Biodata & ActvTec

ID 113610

Yishai Knobel

Founder of HelpAround,, Health 2.0 TLV, TechStars advisor, MIT Sloan MBA

ID 176067

Hadar Weiss

Co-Founder and CEO @peer5 • Passionate about making the Internet more distributed. BSc Computer Science @tel-aviv-university University

ID 309196

Dori Dayan

Founder & COO at Greenbox. Previously @22seeds, @general-electric. Led product management and marketing efforts for several major apps.

ID 155128

Doron Gutman

ID 278832

Shai Ber

Co - Founder & CTO @aniways Co - Founder @courtreader Developer @microsoft BA in Computer Science and Biology (cum laude) MBA

ID 95656

Arie Shpanya

CEO of Wiser. Second time entrepreneur. Bootstrapped a profitable service company, now building an enterprise focused SaaS for retailers. Guest blogger at econsultancy, venturebeat and more. Former ecommerce consultant to various capital firms.

ID 30842

Ilya Spitalnik


Founder and CEO @powtoon | Founder @greenwave-incubator | Launched's E-Trade (now | Launched (now

ID 5970

Boaz Hecht

Co-Founder & CEO @skygiraffe • Worked at @deloitte • Studied at @king-s-college

ID 409946

Yaron Sivan

Extremely analytical. Strong linguistics background. Lead the most complicated projects of SundaySky.

ID 71371

Omer Gertel

Founder & CTO, revolutionizing database development. 6 years R&D at IDF intelligence. Headed data warehouse dev at @kaltura. B.Sc in CS & MBA

ID 156722

Roy Tertman

Co-Founder of @kupoya-acquired-by-actu-cci and @fitfully - Love changing how people perceive products and services • Studied at @open-university-of-israel, Marketing and sales consultant to global telecom mobile operators

ID 6676

Pasha Bitz

Currently founder @ @cohaico. Lead app development team at @delver (sold to Sears Holdings) Headed product design for social shopping at Sears Holdings.

ID 368117

Etan Ilfeld


I'm a London-based entrepreneur (owner of a bookstore, and a co-owner of a publishing company) with interests in big data and location based innovation.

ID 70340

Yoav Dembak


Co-founder at @stepwells, co-founder & CEO at @b-hive-networks, Sr. Director at @vmware, Skate-geek.

ID 507013

Uri May

Officer and team leader in an elite IDF intelligence tech unit. Worked at @biocatch,@tawkon-1 and some big international companies.

ID 204841

Micha Kaufman


Cofounder & CEO at

ID 261448

Ziv Meltzer

Co-Founder, Head of Product & UX @hello-doctor • Worked as Senior Designer at @ebay Innovation Center • Studied at @technion-israel

ID 99823

Ofir Ehrlich


ID 10634

Noam Schwartz

CEO & Co-founder @

ID 380495

Jonathan Hurwitz


Jonick Investments cc venture fund.

ID 36171

On Freund

VP Engineering @ Handybook, co-founder at phraseup*. Worked at Safend, Applied Materials

ID 196902

Meir Sheldon Dick


BizDev at Sciencescape, Partner at RRG. Developed validation platform for investors, and BizDev mentor for early stage startups

ID 56825

Boaz Cohen


Co-Founder & CEO @ eRated. Served as a Developer in the IDF Air-Force. High business & tech orientation. Holds a Dual BA in Law & Business, IDC, Israel (2014).

ID 66552

Arnon Kohavi


Founder at Yarden Ventures

ID 360049

Ran Segall

I’m a designer who believes creative thinking & design can solve most problems. I aspire to create designs that empower, enrich and delight people.

ID 50804

Ofer Baharav


Founder @peer • Worked at @duke-university Global Entrepreneurship Network (DukeGEN) • Studied at @duke-university

ID 362927

Gil Dantas

Founder @jigglist @culinote • Worked @philips @brazilian-federal-government • Studied @york-university-1

ID 210019

Ran Dahan

ID 134656


White Hat Hacker. Entrepreneur. Founder/CEO @zimperium • Worked at @samsung-electronics, @idf . I alter code execution.

ID 186732

Yovav (Jay) Meydad

VP Product at @moovit. Past: Co-Founder/CEO of @pixplit and @hitpad (backed by @idealab ) and was VP Products @snap-com and @spark-networks. Mentor @seedcamp.

ID 135486

Roey Brecher

Co Founder and CTO at @wiser-3. Previously: algo trading hacker for hedge funds; team leader @idf (Mamram Alumni). B.Sc in Computer Science.

ID 391655

Rohey Livne

Founder @jigglist @culinote • Worked @visa @rogers-communications-inc @Satov @ClearCell • Studied @york-university-1 @schulich-school-of-business

ID 191178

Shachar Zohar

Founder Peer5 • Algorithm researcher at @smallworld-analytics • M.Sc at @tel-aviv-university

ID 391891

Yoni Livne

Founder @jigglist @culinote @foody @mimesis-design • Worked @lothan-architects @iaf • Studied @tel-aviv-university

ID 176617

Michele Aliverti-Piuri


Marketing & Business Development at Captain Up. Previously Mktg & Biz Dev at Genome Compiler, Business Analyst at

ID 223983

Natasha Shine-Zirkel

CMO at @rounds

ID 137434

Jack Yulzari

Founder & CEO @trippin-in, the "Nielsen for places". A father, a husband and an entrepreneur. Apperently there's no time for anything else.

ID 411773

Christian Dörffer


Christian is Managing Partner of BetaAngels, the venture capital group including founders, execs, investors from Spotify, Siri,, Google, Expedia, King and Waze.

ID 100356

Sven Hoffmann

10+ years of experience in Application, Server, GUI, web and multimedia software development.

ID 75641

Ohad Winnykamien

Co-Founder @ @moolta. GIS & spatial analysis background. Web developed at several companies & start-ups. Studied Psychology & Management @ TAU. Until @moolta..

ID 204875

Uri Levanon

Founder @watchmedia-network • Founder at Stealth Video Discovery Startup

ID 652653

Jacob Kurzrock

Recent Graduate with a diverse skill set looking for the right environment.

ID 79729

Daniel Zaturansky

Co-Founder & COO of @powtoon. Business development and marketing expert with successful client acquisition launches

ID 30646

Boaz Kantor

On an endless quest for the extraordinary, fun, innovative, creative and world-changing ideas, products and people.

ID 397885

Jacob Afriat

@aloha • @merchantry Studied at @wharton-school, @insead-1

ID 76484

Arik Marmorstein

Founder and CEO of Mimoona - We help fashion brands and designers to minimize lost sales and excess inventory (Dreamit S13)

ID 272584

Mickey Perlstein

Founder ClozeUp/AirportAssist/PersonalAid • Worked at @matrix-partners, @amdocs • Studied at @tel-aviv-university

ID 135014

Nimrod Ram

Co-Founder/CTO @epoch-2 • Artist, Programmer & Teacher • Experience ranges from startups to enterprise and back.

ID 91592

Ari Gottesmann


CEO @ @nomadigo, Entrepreneur with extensive experience in sales, marketing & people management. Co-founder of two technology start-ups with one successful exit.

ID 81748

Serge Aziza


Investor and entrepreneur with 4 successful exits. Grew my last company @amosdec to $90m revenue before selling it to @avnet (NYSE:AVT).

ID 50644

Michael Porat


Principal at Genesis Partners, an early stage VC

ID 272345

Adi Levanon

Director of Business Development @bringg • Worked at @rhodium • Studied at @idc-herzliya

ID 101161

Roie Cohen

Full Stack Javascript Developer • Core Contributor • Worked as CTO @gomango •

ID 70427

Yoni Dariel

CEO & Co-founder @ondigo-crm Previous Founder @speakmybiz, @Denzel, @loft. Worked @biscience, @google LaunchPad, @upwest-labs graduate. Ex-IDF special forces.

ID 121991

Gili Golander

dreamer, co-founder of @bazaart, mom x 3

ID 172068

Ohad Oren

Co-Founder & CMO @ondigo-crm, Previous Founder @ogl-europe, @bliss-uk, @midas-touch. @google-launchpad ,@upwest-labs graduate. Ex-IDF special forces.

ID 10403

Yaniv Solnik

CEO & Co-Founder @stadeom Since 1999 was a sw developer @idf then worked in various web & mobile consumer facing startups. Until 2012 was Founder & CEO @beetv

ID 162286

Oren Noy

Founder Noknok • Worked at @tapingo

ID 121974

Stas Goferman

Co-Founder and CEO at BAZAART. Doing Design, coding and algorithmics. I am a pixel perfect freak. I love when art and technology come together.

ID 88251

Joe Levy

Founder & CEO of @clearci. Former Director R&D and Corporate VC @meltwater-group. Very international. Finance & military background.

ID 221979

Oded Golan

Founder & CTO at @tomodo

ID 343845

Marco Gari Heseltine


Analyst & Investment Advisor

ID 57121

Shahar Pitaru

Consulting startups, blogging @ and mentoring at Google Campus TLV, SeedCamp, MassChallenge and others.

ID 62884

Brian Weiss

Founder @weiss-media-consulting, @startup-mgmt-1 • Worked at @kroq-106-7fm, @wells-fargo • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 152410

Dr. Omri Bergman

PhD in Social Media • Co-Founder at @sortag-com • Practice Lead at @capgemini-consulting • Out of the box thinker • Strong communication and analytic skills

ID 147422

Refael Dakar

Tech Ninja! Entrepreneur. Software execution expert. Co-Founder @soomla. Studied at Ben Gurion University Of The Negev.

ID 99842

Maor Ezer

CEO at @youlicense

ID 288304

Or Weis

Founder Reactful • Worked at @intigua, @idf • Studied at @open-university-of-israel

ID 199764

Brock Kaye

CEO of Pluralis. Previously VP of BD at Conduit (7 yrs), European Sales Manager for CareerHarmony (2 yrs) and Broker at CBRE (7 yrs). BBA from Emory University

ID 468216

Michael Ozeryansky

Co-founder and CEO of @smartifico. Managed development of innovative software products for the last 20 years. Startups, Big Cos, SMBs and a couple of garages.

ID 230751


20 years of intrapreneurial & entrepreneurial experience in global markets handling strategy, marketing, product management, channels, & business development.

ID 214512

Sarig Reichert

Founder @flixwagon • Worked at @amdocs, @comverse-technology • Studied at @tel-aviv-university

ID 444683

Daniel Gilgenmann


Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, Angel

ID 352144

Yossi Shani

Chief Product Officer at PrimeQue, Over 15 years of experience, primarily in SW development and Management at Cisco. Out of the box thinker and keen on UI/UX.

ID 68430

Yael Tamar

Co-Founder at Vidoco (Marketing & Biz Dev). Love to live & document life. Since I'm not rushing to conquer Hollywood to have my own show, I have one on Vidoco.

ID 22949

Erez Perlmuter

CEO of @rightune; Was VP Bizdev of @kasamba (sold to Live Person); MBA; MA Philosophy; Major in Israeli Air Force; Chairman of NGO for social-economic rights

ID 496055

Rodrigo Rivera

Data Science & Startups @rocket-internet • Founder @emplido • Studied @national-university-of-singapore, @bocconi-university @technical-university-of-munich

ID 492795

Limor Yaron

Worked at @lingua-ly • Studied at @tel-aviv-university, @hit

ID 147809

Sharon Segev

Co-Founder and CEO of @alicanto. @alicanto ( is Changing the balance of power between small organization to large ones.

ID 243060

Cory Rosenfield

Co-founder @qoints, @infinitesm • Studied BBA at @wilfrid-laurier-university and Construction Engineering at @conestoga-college

ID 48999

Zviki Cohen

Entrepreneur. Web Architect. Full stack software engineer. Pragmatic. Thrives on challenges. Problem solver. Driven by results and successful delivery.

ID 172089

Nir Keren

CTO of Ondigo, 1st mobile CRM for on-the-go business. passionate entrepreneur, love technology , strong tech background(Grepper,CloudSync).

ID 81159

Dimitri Fischler

Combining business acumen with technical skills. Producing magic.

ID 68967

Yossi Dagan

CEO & Co-Founder of Cell Buddy, Bringing Mobile Freedom. Using my passion and experience to bring Cell Buddy to success.

ID 248994

Ido Volff

Product Manager / Presenter

ID 71226

Jan Schultink

IT engineer turned McKinsey consultant turned presentation designer turned entrepreneur

ID 106797

Roniet Berci

Content strategy, branding, biz dev & social media professional, I love geeking it up, pole acrobatics and working w startups in mobile, advertising & gaming.

ID 156453

David Tintner

Worked at @moolta • Studied at University of Florida

ID 47064

Ohad Frankfurt

Co-Founder and CEO of @getswayy, writing contributor at TNW, socialmedia2day and lifehackorg , I talk and write mostly about social media and startup culture.

ID 131366

Eyal Eldar

Co-Founder & CEO at @instrumagic-1. MA Cognitive Science, MBA, experienced web analyst.

ID 251320

Rafi Ton

Founder and CEO BannerPlay, founder and CEO @newact • Business manager at @comverse-technology, VP Sales and BizDev @followap • Studied at @haifa-university

ID 221294

Vadim Vakhovsky

Ruby on rails software engineer. Worked at @frog-design, @deeplink

ID 314084

Dror Cohen

CEO & Co-Founder @codersclan • Worked at @ness-technologies, @idf

ID 223698

Pauline Vorms


ID 440009

Yuval Mor

Founder @beyond-verbal-communications • Worked at @go-networks, @cisco-systems-inc • Studied at @stanford-graduate-school-of-business, @university-of-tel-aviv-israel

ID 95810

Haymi Behar


Head of Online Marketing Solutions at Hurriyet Co-Founder @ Boomads & Launched in 2011 Boomads is the largest SMP/blog network in TR & growing fast in Europe. Launched in 2009 Tipeez has quickly become the largest online Tween Community in Turk

ID 35338

Lior Sion

Founder @mit4mit-co-il • Worked at @gettaxi-gett-in-usa, @ibm, @clarizen - developed semi-real time routing products in rails and real time TCP stack in C++

ID 134821

Yotam Troim

Director of Product @ Fundnox

ID 227541

Rony More


ID 216907

Ailon Velger

Founder @TapReason. Accelerating Mobile Growth • Worked at @footbo • MSc @open-university-of-israel (2013), BSc @israeli-college-of-management

ID 152314

Eido Gat

UX Director at WisePricer. Worked at eBay,, ImOnline (eCommerce operator) and multi-year experience in branding and user experience strategy.

ID 228924

Ilia Kenigshtein

Founder of SUB8 - Israeli startup accelerator helping entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe & CIS create and amplify their startups.

ID 23181

Tal Marian

ID 120125

Ori Shaked

Looking for the next big thing

ID 91015

Yael Swerdlow

CEO at F.8 Interactive, CEO at Snapcious, Co-founder at Women's Empowerment Foundation

ID 283674

Sasha Zabersky

UX/UI designer and product person

ID 524000

Adam Pines

Worked at @al-jazeera-english, @bridgewater-associates • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @tel-aviv-university

ID 119504

Idan Eisenberg

Founder @cutting-edge-surgical | Strong multidisciplinary background in technology and business | Entrepreneur & Startup Specialist.

ID 89941

Eran Kampf

Co-founder @ @fiddme, Internet Entrepreneur, Big Data guy, Freelancer, Helping startups be awesome (@onavo,@snaptu,@wix...)

ID 136409

Dory Zidon

Hacker. Coder. Programmer. Entrepreneur. Geek. Dog Lover. Snowboarder.

ID 143772

Omer Lifshitz

Co-Founder & CEO of @cubiez • Worked at @conduit, @idf • Studied at @open-university-of-israel

ID 69164

Ido Green


Entrepreneur, runner, and a rider that knows and love to build companies, developers and applications.

ID 598

Mayer Reich

Co-founder and CEO of @rankabove, global leader in SEO software. Live in Israel with my wife and five kids.

ID 232093

Raanan Tzory

Founder @doomoro • Worked at @procter-gamble-2 • Studied at @hebrew-university-of-jerusalem

ID 122827

Ohad Kedar

Co-Founder & CEO at @wetrip - Social travel platform

ID 124180

Jonathan Adest

Founder & CEO @tradeo • Entrepreneur since the age of 16 • Won the IDF Intelligence Major-General Innovation Award.

ID 166734

Tal Atzmon

ID 30297

Eyal Termechi

CEO of Parajola

ID 108431

Jose De Bustamante

Co Founder @nutrino. Previously Founder @Nexer Renovables.

ID 316345

Noam Dayan

Founder @ting-me • Worked at @webcollage, @eds • Studied at @tel-aviv-university

ID 169040

Shefa Weinstein

Founder Shopetti, rising start-up. Recently placed 2nd at Start-up Weekend. Previously, founded and ran Internet development company for 11 years.

ID 237090

Pavel Agoshkov

Founder Playtagon

ID 181464

Gaby Kaminsky

Founder @udobu • Worked at @boxee • Studied at @iese-business-school-1 School

ID 672753

Yoni Goldwasser

Founder OhTell • Worked at @boston-consulting-group, @teva-pharmaceutical-industries • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @harvard-university

ID 494030

Simon Fried

Founder Hyrax Technologies, @milk-honey-distillery • Worked at @monitor-group • Studied at @oxford-university, @hec-paris

ID 294723

Ben Ninio

Entrepreneur: Founder of CAR2GO & C2G-logic. Diverse professional background focusing on product management and business dev. Like to get my hands dirty!

ID 477346

Martin Weber

COO at @sbootcamp, Investment Manager at @startau-t-a-u-entrepreneurship-center • Studied at @escp-europe-1 • Advisor at @lusstra

ID 68417

Refael Ackermann


Principal at @empeeric. Cutting edge technophile.

ID 46806

Benjamin Hagège

Sales Manager @zooz

ID 362340

Tomer Sagi

Founder @5skills, @chaos-dimention • Worked at @powtoon, @new-zealand-post • Studied at @technion-israel, @massey-university

ID 205687

Guy Korland

Founder @shopetti • Worked at @ibm-research, @gigaspaces-technologies • Studied at @tel-aviv-university, @technion-israel

ID 41215

Yan Schiff

Founder of @pointforme

ID 189579

Saar Yoskovitz

Founder Augury Systems • Worked at @intel • Studied at @technion-israel

ID 311940

Natalie Goodis

Riskified. Facebook. Stanford grad.

ID 157931

Daniel Fogel

Founder @spikko-audiogate-technologies, BeeFM • Studied at Ben Gurion University Of The Negev (Www.Bgu.Ac.Il)

ID 424378

Yoav Sharon


Bootstrapped, crashed & burned 2 startups, managed and sold a medical services company, ran biz-dev for Crossrider, now leading product for VC-backed StreetOwl.

ID 78272

Idan Gazit

Designer/Developer hybrid. Pythonista, Django core developer & DjangoCon keynote speaker. Data visualization junkie. CS & Math @ NYU, Israel Naval Intelligence.

ID 298418

Shy Rosenzweig

Shy Rosenzweig is an experienced entrepreneur & an "Innovation Freak" who specialize in Marketing and Product Development .Shy is Co-Founder and COO at - a local social network.

ID 253001

Guy Lachmann

Worked at @yigal-arnon-co • Studied at @tel-aviv-university, @idc-herzliya

ID 50146

Ilan Peer

Online marketing and advertising since 2002. Design | People | Technology

ID 383128

Shane Skikne

Junior@Olin. Chocolate-making, scuba diving nerd. Have 1 Patent, 2 cats & 1 calligraphy writing machine. Worked at @helparound and @skimbox.

ID 216387

Elad Mintzer

Co-Founder @ekidens Social Running

ID 176282

Noaa Avital

Worked at @microsoft, @intuit • Studied at @uc-berkeley-1

ID 107959

Gil Barzilay

Co-Founder of @pixplit.

ID 471952

Oren Mukades

CoFounder & CEO of @mobiright; Adventurer and thrill seeker, who believes in turning ideas into reality; Worked at @myyearbook, @babylon, @credorax, and @widdit

ID 289740

Renato Horvath

CEO of Eastaste Music. producer @balconytv artist manager @zagar_music. Film & music biz guy.

ID 376267

Victor Björklund

Founded Atello AB, a swedish consulting company.

ID 250251

Yogev Triki

Owner of QuickOnline Group, marketing and app development services based in Tel-Aviv. Formerly CTO, CMO at AtlasCT - A location-based technologies company.

ID 9239

eyal kattan

Founder at Fresh Founder Generate Design Founder & Publisher Montreal Mirror

ID 308649

Oded Farkash

Co-Founder of @mobiright. Always pursuing perfection, sometimes a little too much :) Previously worked at @widdit, @hotbar • Studied at @idc-herzliya

ID 100810

Valentin Fage

Intern @locality-1

ID 371959

Josia Nakash

Founder of Good Vibe Agency, focused on getting new information out that the world really needs right now, launched dozens of successful startups from Israel

ID 119782

Eyal Bartfeld

Founded @integra5 (Benchmark). Has DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) and Ph.D in Medical Informatics.Business, clinical, technology and scientific background.

ID 117467

Juan Maiz Flores da Cunha

Founded and CTO at (all in Brazil). Moving to Israel. Philosophy B.A. at UFRGS. More at

ID 102546

Katie Harvey

Founder at Ad2Basket. Helped set up Marketing strategist for brands such as Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Unilever. Cambridge alum.

ID 166444

Davidi Vortman

Founder @Lumos • Emerging markets expert with strong business record. Worked @NICE Systems, @comverse-technology, @backweb-technologies. Kellogg Int'l EMBA 2007

ID 424830

Danny Tuttnauer

Experienced online entrepreneur & executive. Driven from creating meaningful businesses from scratch, establishing and leading motivated and dedicated teams

ID 518208

Eyal Livne

Founder @jovieapp. Worked @ VPmySupermarket. UX mentoring @microsoft and @ Google

ID 82655

Ran Hadary

Co-Founder of Ridar Tech

ID 209807

Dima Kuchin

CTO @tradecrowd. Consumer web and high scalability expert.

ID 93032

Shai Almog

Founder/CEO at @codename-one

ID 168039

Ram Shallom

Chief Advisor @sightec. Co-Founded and led @kupoya-acquired-by-actu-cci. Managed R&D at the Tech. Unit of the Intel. Force, @idf. M.Sc @ben-gurion-university 2009.

ID 93988

Felix Schenavsky


Associate at GreenSoil Investments

ID 193582

Eyal Ben-Ze'ev

Co-founder & COO of nanopop. Experienced in management in a thchnological ecosystem. Worked at IAI. M.Sc, MBA, Singularity University graduate.

ID 80863

Ron Bentata

Entrepreneur looking for inspiration and beautiful ideas. Extensive business and entrepreneurship experience. Technical practical background. Multi think/work..

ID 171695

Lior Degani

Co-founder of Swayy - Previously in the Telecom Industry, now doing Marketing & Growth

ID 662625

Tsvika Vagman

ID 217579

Asaf Nachmany

Senior SW engineer with a strong background in Front End development. B.Sc. in Computer Science, Academic College of Tel Aviv 2010.

ID 141393

Moti Gal

ID 210333

Kevin Baxpehler

Worked at @credit-suisse, @gerson-lehrman-group • Studied at @stern-school-of-business

ID 216436

Elazar Heim

VP Revenue @OverWolf, GM @MadOrc Co-Founder, VP Product & Marketing @BetterBill Founder & CEO @beecommerce Worked at @SAP, LivePerson and Sightix MBA & B.Sc from TAU

ID 179973

Carmi Halachmi

Sensei @ Ninja Garden. Served as CEO at LeadFriendly, PayPerLead & Focal-info

ID 340963

Ohad Reshef

Well rounded manager with passion for great products and creative marketing

ID 159912

Avi Meir

Co-Founder at Hotel Ninjas • Previously VP Product & Marketing at • IESE MBA 2011.

ID 154928

Sivan Langer

Founded • @tel-aviv-university University Double Major & Master Graduate. High creativity and Intelligence Qualities. Team player.

ID 403946

Rachel Gonen


Founder @ringadoc, @showkit • Worked at @tel-aviv-angel-group, @yoga-com • Investor @powtoon • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 323729

Tzvika Abramovich

Founder @tzvika-abramovich-telecom-consultant

ID 30232

Ohad Barzilay

CEO of New Legends Studios, previously COO & Chief Creative at Mytopia (acquired by 888)

ID 97808

Michael Jacobs

CEO and co-founder of @dreamware. Global strategist nominated for the national US counterintelligence award in 2011. Social scientist.

ID 672121

Shay Hamama

Entrepreneur, and Business Development sepcialist. Looking for my next challenge.

ID 81200

Niv Taiber

CEO of @shook-1. B.A. in Computer science. Finished on Dean's List.

ID 230602

Ron Sela

Online Influence Optimization for Startups, former corporate lawyer, early adopter, University of Florida MBA 2002.

ID 271841

Menashe Gezelkopy

Founded Morovus LTD in 2013. Sold ALOMA LTD to Checkpoint 2011

ID 44853

Oren Solomianik

Co-Founder & CTO @triond, @gnift, @chartelligence, @infoxicate

ID 432953

Ariel Lifschitz

Web/Mobile Product Manager - Seeking new opportunity

ID 185620

Omri Amir


Entrepreneur: Founder of, acquired by Travix (2011) and later by MMYT 2014), CPO at, Mentor at Rockstart.

ID 218732

Itai Horstock

Studied at @new-york-university, @tel-aviv-university

ID 171697

Oz Katz

Co-Founder and CTO of @getswayy. I develop stuff for the web.

ID 565991

Alon Shacham

Developer, Pro Saxophone player, composer & arranger. Alon has lead mobile development for start­ups like @magisto and @biocatch. and is a true UI/UX visionary 

ID 323732

Elad David

ID 146810

Yishay Saban

Founder @picquest-com • Worked at @amdocs, @tti-team-telecom-international • Studied at @open-university-of-israel

ID 90907

Hilla Manor

Entrepreneur & UX expert

ID 156033

Slav Ben Ari

Founder at @icalledu • Work at @soluto, worked at @microsoft , Justice Department • Studied at @tel-aviv-university

ID 120931

Nir Segal

Co-Founder, CMO at eTribez. In charge of the company's product and marketing. Founded Nuiti and worked at MediaMind Technologies. MBA & Talpiot graduate.

ID 94140

Itamar Ribenfeld

Jack of all Trades

ID 244506

Daniele Moscati

Managin Partner @ NG Group. Passionate about technology and innovation. Working on my new venture. Expert in online marketing - users' acquisition & retention.

ID 280534

Itay Rotem

Founder @ Maqino • Business development at @pontis, sales and product management @ectel • Investment partner @koorcvc

ID 211555

Oren Attar

Co-Founder & CEO @seeblings • Owned & Managed Walla Café • Worked @koranga • Studied @open-university-of-israel, @google, Habetzefer

ID 16768

Dani Megrelishvili

co-founder at

ID 132656

Boaz Avidan

Founder @innobi

ID 452617

Lior Yavor


Co-Founder, CEO @meekan • formerly VP operations and Senior Captain at at El Al Airlines

ID 231488

Amit Glazer

MBA (Cum laude), PMP, experience in BizDev & Product, background in Software Engineering

ID 140233

Revital Hendler

In 2004, founded, the number one job portal in Israel. In 2008, sold it to HeadHunter, a global e-recruiting company, for $18.5 million.

ID 89159

Michael Fridlov

Founder @videogen-1, @showee, @playbox-live • Worked at @deloitte-consulting, @p-kama

ID 658736

aucher serr

Graduated with High Honors. Rich background in natural language processing. Strong interpersonal and orginazational skills.

ID 57852

Amit Rosner

Founder @generaytor • Worked at @solaredge

ID 473404

Galite Valérie Rabi

I am the founder of New Beginning+, a boutique innovation strategy & management agency based in Tel Aviv & Brussels.

ID 549172

Meiron Kedem

Enabling users to use technology is my thing, Senior Product (Release) Manager + Software Developer at Check Point Software Technologies

ID 69703

Gal Bracha

Founder and CTO @headbox • Full Stack at @taykey, @cellebrite

ID 48520

Mark Faber

Co-Founder of Imagiu. Executive leadership in software and consumer retail industry including COO and CIO of Marc Ecko Enterprises.

ID 535601

Stefanie Amini

Natural leader with extensive marketing experience. Lover of tech and geeks

ID 164482

Maxim Novak

Full of enthusiasm for innovation, and passionate about the way technology and creativity can provide a solution for complex business problems.

ID 73121

Naama Yanko


Deal Flow Manager @ Magma Venture Partners

ID 400786

Tal Valler

MBA student at INSEAD. strong business and finance experience in two of Israel's largest financial service providers (Menora Mivtahim and Bank Hapoalim).

ID 335054

Adam Remba

3rd year @ UC Berkeley.

ID 475390

Irad Dor

Director, Singtel Innovation center Israel worked @cisco, @neustar @applied-materials @ycd-multimedia @gsa-capital-partners @idf • Studied at @LBS, @tel-aviv-university

ID 605033

Noa Urbach

ID 155842

Gil Efrati

Worked at @google • Studied at @tel-aviv-university

ID 40953

Noa Levy

Co-founder and CEO of @rompr. 8200, Software developer, system architect, project & product manager, INSEAD MBA 2011. Mom of 2

ID 85915

Simon Fried

Simon B.Sc psychology (UCL) MBA (Bocconi) M.Phil Behavioral Economics (Oxford) Ex-strategy consultant at Monitor, risk and marcomms strategist to multinationals.

ID 518467

Ilian Zerbib

Co-founder and CTO of Partymood. I love entrepreneurship, tech, and much more. Significant background in IT. Looking for new opportunities in Tel Aviv

ID 225699

Avi Geller


Performing initial research on startups and microcap companies. Hands on project management for specific investments.

ID 518797

Avi Rudoi

Founder @captureyz-llc, head Video Producer at @prodege-swagbucks,Head Post Production Engineer @keshet-broadcasting

ID 383687

Rachel Krauss

VP Operations @elevator-fund

ID 387931

Brett Goldman

Worked at @tamid-israel-investment-group • Studied at @idc-herzliya, @fairleigh-dickinson-university

ID 698646

Arik Gaisler

ID 363734

Michael Matias

Co-Founder @anymeal Internship Work at Google Secretary General at TIMEMUN 2014 Captain of FIRST Robotics Team 4338

ID 427356

Danny Glushenkov

Regulation, Economics professional. Worked at Israel's MOF, served as a board member at BSF.

ID 266615

Jonathan Swerdlow

Founder @playbucks • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 434638

Pe'era Feldman-Gordon

Mobile ethusiast, highly motivated to join a on-track-to-success team.

ID 503171

Nathan Eldridge

Co-founder at Veesto. Worked at Apple, GE, and JPMorgan. Studied at Syracuse.

ID 79750

Guy Bazelet

Founder at SensoBeat, @16pics, @zoom-analytics • Worked at @radlive • Studied at @tel-aviv-university, @technion-israel

ID 100468

Ilya Bubelo

ID 111062

Gil Sheratzki

Angel investor

ID 548989

Michal Nodel

Product person tweeting about startups, product development, production & publishing. Working on video games, film, food products and new media.

ID 54052

Shaun Waksman

Co-Founder and CEO of @couponroller • Worked at @dudamobile, CompSci + MBA. Strong dev, product and management background.

ID 156613

Elad Stern

Online display advertising specialist , Founder of Coachanize ,Biz dev at dealply

ID 205435

Barak Shragai

Co-founder & CEO at @stylift; UX Designer; Previously served as Data Analyst in the Israeli Intelligence Corps.

ID 248000

Eyal Weiss

Senior Front End Web Developer and Entrepreneur

ID 233275

Effie Arditi

Mealway Co-Founder, Hachiko Co-Founder, VP R&D @Choozer, R&D Director @Essence Group

ID 526032

Ofir Geller

Founder Language Zen • Studied at @open-university-of-israel, @tel-aviv-university

ID 502556

Roi Shternin

Founder @prolep-si, @help-2 a Dreamer of an Healthier World.

ID 91213

Ephraim Mario Rattner

Results-focused Media Professional. Experienced in customer acquisition, bizz dev, online advertising, contract negotiations, and relationship management.

ID 178479

Roy Pessis

Founder @wibki, @all-my-faves • Worked at @microsoft, @kidaro • Studied at @idc-herzliya

ID 197213

Jonathan Gan

Founder & CEO @whichit, Worked at @ibm and IAF. BSc Industrial and management engineering and MBA at Recanati Executive MBA.

ID 122505

Michael Morgenstern

ID 127463

Sharon Dayag

Founder @qruso • Studied at @idc-herzliya

ID 194634

Itay Roisman

VP Product Marketing at C2C-Cellmedia

ID 375336

Noa Aaronson

Strong marketing and business background

ID 160441

Patrick Aiache

Founder YoungVarsity, • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @university-of-hartford

ID 200952

Jen Brannstrom

Founder CMO's United

ID 310363

Nadav Brill

Founder StockCG • Worked at @mpc-moving-picture-company, @starz-entertainment-services

ID 290396

Gal Shvebish

Founder Me&You

ID 102576

Assaf Cohen

CEO VT • Over 12 years of relevant industry experience, most recently at Algotec (Med. Viz.) • @idf Capt. Res. • B.Sc. E.E (TAU) • High school graduation at 16

ID 204314

Amir Shoval

High-Tech professional with extensive Product Management and software development experience.

ID 419985

nadav raviv

digital builder.

ID 44937

Guy Shalev

Founder, Agency Evolve. Partner, Influence Technologies. Consultant @ibm. Specialize in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

ID 70016

Idan Shem Tov

Entrepreneur/Developer. Founder & CEO @qruso - Smart Offline-to-Online Lost & Found Solutions.

ID 505341

Chemi Katz

Founder Seapai

ID 131046

Omer Efrat

Co-founder & CEO, Sensegon Over ten years of project management experience, in startups and large-scale military C4I projects (NASDAQ: RITT, NSTC).

ID 584481

Natalie Blacker

A business & creative marketing development specialist; innovative media professional experience in campaigns, brand management, communications, and sales.

ID 147161

Ary Rubinstein

CEO & Co-Founder of powered by Natura Systems.

ID 498416

Menka Sajnani

Successful, versatile professional with diverse career experience in media sales and investment management

ID 262642

Yael Sverdloff

Entrepreneur, innovator and Executive Manager in Media and related enterprises with over 16 years’ experience. Particular expertise in founding content and TV companies, building innovative advertising platforms, commercial collaboration for marketing ini

ID 476629

Ricardo Moreno

Strategy/Marketing/Business Development guy | Founder of @tsmgo_es | Helping entrepreneurs set up their companies | Spend my nights dreaming of change the world

ID 172637

Noemie Alliel

Work at @thehive-by-gvahim-1

ID 287717

Stephen Darori

Founder 3 x C Mauritius & 3 X C Isle of Man , 3XC Global Parters • Worked at @darori-capital-luxembourg • Investor @3-x-c-mauritius-3-x-c-isle-of-man-1, @darori-capital-luxembourg • Studied at @university-of-cape-town

ID 420951

Oz Wilder

ID 106135

Uri Gruenbaum

Co founder and CEO of TipRanks

ID 180620

Dima Gluzman

c#, Software engineer, 8200, Team leader

ID 559896

Nimrod Lehavi

Hacker, maker, geek, bitcoiner founded and ran software boutique for 10 years

ID 570792

Jacob Cohen

Founder TipAir, Seasoned entrepreneur in the operative and logistic sectors, with multiple retail & digital business successes. Multi year experience in payment and logistic business operations, with a strong focus on the retail and catering sectors.

ID 524717

Alice Shani Lankri

Currently seeking interesting people and ventures to work with.

ID 496684

Benjamin Fitoussi

Founder @locact • Worked at @superderivatives, @brevan-howard • Studied at @columbia-university, @centrale-lille

ID 232089

Asaf Ulmansky

Worked at @wadi-ventures • Studied at @haifa-university

ID 68432

Irit Kaye

Co founder at @empeeric

ID 148729

Danyel Chermon

Danyel is Natura Systems’ Chief Clinical Dietitian, is an RD in both Israel and the US, and holds a B. SC in Nutrition Sciences from Tel Hai University.

ID 94114

Oron Afek

Founder @campusville, @cellxpert • Worked at @smite-entertainment

ID 188127

Avi Barides

Founder C4 Gaming Studio, MBA & Computers Science BA, and Strong background in high-tech industry worked at Amdocs, TTI & startup Tantian

ID 664002

Daniel Glickman

B2C marketing expert.

ID 80099

sharon sher

ID 271478

Erez Rosovsky


ID 292092

Eyal Steinman

Ask me.

ID 83623

Mati Bortnick

Previously co-founded @apartable. Strong real estate & marketing background. Serial entrepreneur looking for new opportunities.

ID 143995

Elizabeth Siegel

Worked at @kidsca-sh • Studied at @cleveland-state-university

ID 439141

Zvi Goldfarb

Head of the Talent Acquisition Digital Lab at L'Oréal & Head of the Bioinformatics for Youth Program;

ID 356513

Guy Israeli

Entrepreneur, Investment professional

ID 642894

Benjamin Julie

CEO at BeLingual. 1st startup out of college. Strong business and cultural consulting background (TransPerfect). BA foreign languages and Business Brandeis 2012

ID 252538

Shai Salhov

Founder of Scoutti. Background in team and project management (IDF). IE Business School MBA 2013.

ID 75999

Benny Yashinovsky

Co-Founder & CTO at Jobrain. Previously @mythings, , @snaptu (acquired by @facebook) , and @followap (acquired by @neustar)

ID 251599

Alexander Gambarian

Founder and CEO of Lawya. Studied Law, Business Management and General Humanitarian Studies. Started programming at 14. Founded an international law office.

ID 471364

Benjamin N. Feldman

Claremont McKenna Philosophy Honors, worked with two Nobel Prize winning campaigns, looking to move to Tel Aviv

ID 465225

Ezra Fuks

Founder Echo

ID 162662

Efrat Weiss

Studied at @cornell-university

ID 289600

Elidor Simon

Founder TaxiShare B.S in Physiques (pending), Broad knowledge in multiple programming languages.

ID 413798

Dena Lerner

ID 285524

Eyal Shiri

Founder Jigoro, Founded Sinapis Technologies

ID 429677


Bringing the world together one meal at a time.

ID 270680

John Taieb

BSc Computer Science Engineering at Technion, Israel CEO and Founder of JL Technologies(Interactive Shop Window) Founder of ShidduchMan(Match between Facebook friends)

ID 533495

Samuel Katz

Student at ESCP EUROPE (Master in Management ranked #2 worldwide by the Financial Times in 2013). Geek and strong business background

ID 268471

Nadav Levy

Founder & CEO of Worked for Ness technologies, mostly in business development positions. Studied electronics and later digital media and served in the IDF for intelligence unit.

ID 539806

Oz Nathan

Working on decentralizing our online identities. Our data belongs to us, not to Facebook and Google.

ID 313970

Val Kotlarov Hoffman

13 years of development/webdev. Front-end expert. Back end Ruby/Rails developer. Linux and opensource leader.

ID 132252

Jimmy Douieb

Jimmy Douieb

ID 289851

Keren Israeli

co-founded and Director of smokeringing @smokerings. Idea Architect, SEO & Affiliate Wiz

ID 57871

Tzury Bar Yochay

founder @reblaze (

ID 474355

Sydney Cohen

ID 477852

David Lerner

Proven Successful Entrepreneur, People Organizer, Project/Product Manager. Track Record of Creating Value. Top of MBA class 2010.

ID 192309

Roman Shterenzon

Founder OktaSpot • Worked at @infogin, @synchronica • Studied at @technion-israel

ID 273039

Dor Mizrachi

Co-Founder & COO at @stylift; Strong sales background; Law & Business @idc-herzliya

ID 73358

Itai Sagi

Founder @drawpr, Challengio • Worked at @freelancer, @cellebrite, @mycheck

ID 159380

Haim Buchbut

Founder and Head of Products at @skillsin. Seasoned product manager and software engineer. Bar-Ilan MBA, 2007. Learn more about me at

ID 227688

Raphael Goldberg - Rozen

Telecom ParisTECH alumni, experienced in distributed systems, test automation and data analysis

ID 587681

Lino Hower

Intern at @language-zen • Studying at @tel-aviv-university, @university-of-bayreuth

ID 325948

Amit Gur

Founder Wind Soloist • Studied at @technion-israel

ID 424734

Daniel Kaplansky

Co-Founder Eatro • Worked at @deckdaq • MSc at @cass-business-school & @luiss-university

ID 369293

Jonathan Even

ID 596414

Jonathan Yom-Tov

Founder Rebarto • Worked at @kontera, @ibm-research • Studied at @tel-aviv-university

ID 122830

Jonathan Levison

Co-Founder and CTO @wetrip

ID 207688

Lucie Nesvadba


Worked at @nuance-communications

ID 690266

Rozin Gideon

General Manager / Research and Development (R&D) Manager

ID 224659

Einav Carmon

Mamram graduate, B.Sc in Computer & bioinformatics from TLV academic collage. 4 years with Java, 3 years C#. looking to shift towards mobile but open minded

ID 136077

Roee Nahir

CEO of Adience. VP R&D of ADTS (Improve auditory capabilities via iPad Games) Co-Founded DoTwo (Touch screen innovation).

ID 228990

Erez Feigenberg

Founder KNOWII. Over 15 years of High Tech experience. Uses technology to make a difference

ID 171788

Naor Weissmann

Scalable infrastructure expert

ID 229597

Nir Bentziony

Founder and CEO of NGShopping.

ID 630745

Yotam Gutman

Worked at @sensecy

ID 377203

Daniel Kahtan

Director Sales & Biz Dev @ AppsFlyer

ID 335488

Sabrina Idels

ID 229508

Max Gulyaev

JS/PHP/Ruby on Rails ninja

ID 415859

Yoel Feldman

Founder •

ID 196637

Liran Erez

Entrepreneur. Co-founder @ XnTouch. Bachelor of law & business. A dreamer.

ID 196131

Ofer Prossner

Studied at @tel-aviv-university COO at Spilon, worked at several Newspapers and news websites, Mccann-Erickson Tel Aviv. Strong writing and editing skills.

ID 510818

Ronit Steinberg

Previously Happiness agent @fixya and building vennapp @idc-herzliya

ID 333141

Yaniv Zach

Head of Internet Products Department at Partner Communications

ID 565342

Kobi Meirson

CTO of @brow-si

ID 463198

Lena Mendelman

Dynamic person with vast experience in Research and analysis (Military and Research&Consulting Company), excited about technology and a team player. Looking for new challenges

ID 318335

Adam Matan

Java and Python developer on the Linux tech stack. CS degree from HUJI. Open source enthusiast. Currently exploring Scala.

ID 449536

Boaz Shor

Work as Java software engineer at HP Software. MSc student at the CS department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

ID 678663

Itamar Weizman

Studied at the University at the age of 15, worked for a Parliament member at 16, first Digital campaigner in Greenpeace Israel at 19 & now manage a company.

ID 155386

Ori Argov

All-round player, Swiss-Army knife, tech enthusiast, always learning and looking to create and apply. Great verbal and writing skills. Designed and built end-to-end desktop, web, mobile and embedded apps/games.

ID 334688

Jackie Assa

Founder of ffreview

ID 449509

Chanan Damboritz

Web applications development in Ruby on Rails, extensive experience in Microsoft technologies stack, server side programming and recently client side as well. At Klarna we practice TDD and BDD, and are responsible for complete deliveries - from planning a

ID 34984

Bryan Feinberg

Advisor, Investor, Developer

ID 673894

nitzan werber

ID 450789

Daniel Moscovitch

A smart, capable and driven individual looking to help an Israeli start-up reach its full potential.

ID 424799

Itay Damti

VP Products @leverate Founder @leverate

ID 132898

Matan-Paul Shetrit

Global Strategies Analyst at KCPS & Member of the Global Shapers Community Tel Aviv Hub

ID 157666

Amit Moran

Chief Data Scientist at Crosswise

ID 224817

Ronie Maydan

Direct Marketing, Analytics, Telesales, Data Management, Market/Customer Research, Right Media, Excellent Computer Skills, Creativity, Goal Driven, Organized & Detail Oriented, Great Social Skills, Fast Learning Skills.

ID 632858

Sarah Goldstein

Paralegal at immigration law firm

ID 532274

Yonatan Tomshinsky

ID 121375

Haim Bachar

ID 184258

Mattan Harel-Fisch

ID 346281

Noah Morgenstern

Founder of @Revento @TikunIt; Bringer of Rain; Worked @Kravetz @dmg @whitewater Technologies; Funny on Occasion; My fiancee calls me a Numdum

ID 456002

Yogev Kidar

ID 554683

Omer Yarkowich

Worked at small startups as well as large coprporations. Familiar with dynamics and needs of small startups. Committed and devoted hard working "A" player.

ID 697386

Rachel Osher

ID 310957

Shlomi Fenster

Founder @prodsy • Worked at @liveperson, @israeli-air-force • Studied at @bar-ilan-university, @hit

ID 209849

Joshua Danan

Founder Student Mundial • Worked at @sony-computer-entertainment-america-playstation • Studied at @nottingham-trent-university

ID 289864

Sergey Dymshits


ID 534313

Laura Herman

Online Marketing Manager | Corporate Marketing | Social Media Marketing | B2B and B2C Companies | Start Up Companies

ID 579057

Yonatan Braude


ID 106948

Michael David

Founder and CTO @jombid

ID 221316

Ran Antebi

Worked at @idf (Mamram Alumni), @mantis • Web developer • Studied at @academic-college-of-tel-avivv

ID 165830

Shira Berger

Founder @fit-tlv • Worked at @pnc-bank, @calgon-carbon-corporation • Studied at University of Pittsburgh

ID 121686

Asaf Nachmany

Senior Web Developer at Groovideo

ID 96667

Asaf Maor

DB Performance Architect

ID 161221

Jackie Hedeman

Worked at @webydo, @shook-1 • Studied at @james-madison-university

ID 665519

Yuli Farber

ID 480002

Shay Goldman

Multidisciplinary background in IT & Software Dev.

ID 701671

Jonathan Griffit

ID 475341

Avi Friedman

Sales and Marketing persona at heart. Web & Mobile enthusiast.

ID 492731

Asaf Lewin

Senior technology executive, Headed F16 avionics S/W, multi-disciplinary business-oriented hands-on experience: Mobile, SaaS, Internet, Analytics and Enterprise

ID 647510

Amiram Pinto

skilled project manager with years of experience in large scale projects. thrive under pressure and specialize in managing the most complex projects.

ID 379485

Alon Weinstein

Love Django & PHP - coming back home to this after a few years in marketing (last position as VP Marketing)

ID 279427

Elad Gelman

CTO of @fufinder • Worked at @idf (Intelligence), @elbit-systems, @playtech • Strong Android devel skills • Studied at @idc Herzelyia

ID 319098

Kevin Mayer

Stay up to date at

ID 132440

Ziv Pashinsky

Co. Founder of WiXiYiZi, COO and CCO. Creator and inventor of many Gadgets and Applications. Has very analytic mind, Thinks outside the box, an Artist.

ID 70032

Jonathan Adest

CEO & Co-Founder at @marketsbook

ID 317674

Gil Adani

Software engineer real-time and web expert

ID 503463

Howard Bick

Increased B2B revenue by 60%; Opened offices in Cyprus, Ukraine, Japan and Tokyo; Founded the Business Development and Legal department

ID 656775

Laura Barr

ID 463192

Idan Maor

I am a ninja improver – any product, any process any organization – try me.

ID 146153

Aaron Parsons

Aaron E. Parsons is a Creative Director. Known for his Art Direction for M.I.A., The Ting Tings, Sleighbells, Interscope, Roc Nation, Sony, and N.E.E.T, Nurv.

ID 656846

Samantha Gurfinkiel

English, Law and Business Management Graduate, Sales & Marketing expert, managed the marketing launch of International brand's latest product.

ID 294862

Jen Lipschutz

ID 240199

Yasha Gamliel

Solid software development understanding , passionate about my work and I love working with my team

ID 116382

Eran Koren

Founder & CEO of beeziko

ID 550152

Roy Oppenheim

Experienced creative director with more than 15 years of experience. Master in the fields of design, video, video production and UI.

ID 560854

Yossi Cohen

ID 255021

Gal Naor

Over 7 years of experience in software industry as a software engineer and team leader, both military & cloud based platforms.

ID 630751

Alon Kaduri

Co-founder @errnio • Worked @conduit-com, @wix. Studied at @ben-gurion-university-of-the-negev-www-bgu-ac-il

ID 471298

Ron Reish

Looking for a good leading company

ID 266428

Yael Beeri

Marketing professional, running my own business since 2008, working with startups since 1999, founder of the Tel Aviv Beer Tweetup, over 20 years experience.

ID 298870

Omry Glick

Founder Giftedd

ID 607418

Yali Pollak

BI Analyst @viber, Big Data Expert, B.Sc Ben-Gurion University

ID 424842

shlomit gershkovitch

java developer, server side at telmap

ID 412100

Nir Heimann

Founder Pile • Worked at @nice-systems • Studied at @ben-gurion-university-of-the-negev-www-bgu-ac-il

ID 468726

Maor Moses

Founder Easy2Study • Worked at @ibm, @deloitte-touche • Studied at @coventry-university

ID 177352

Shlomi Lavie

Founder @itqlick • Worked at @hp, @teva-pharmaceutical-industries • Studied at @ben-gurion-university-of-the-negev-www-bgu-ac-il

ID 473730

Roy Doron

built 15 full websites already.

ID 529334

guy eitingon

Director of Content and Buisnes Development at IDC. Highly experienced at setting in motion projects combining creativity, content, technology and production

ID 450325

Inbal Lieblich

Founder @book-me • Studied at @shenkar-school-of-engineering-and-design, graduated master @ciid-1.

ID 196721

omri shuva

Full stack software engineer, strong business background

ID 349798

Naomi Weisz

Undergraduate student looking for a position with a start up company.

ID 262239

Nadav Bueno

Co-Founder Tamuvu • Worked at @check-point, @trivnet-com, AppStream

ID 94598

Nedal Yassin

Founder Tazza

ID 86238

Benny Zingerevich

UX Designer & Web Dev. My passion is understanding what makes people tick. Co-Founded a startup and worked in one.

ID 532545

Gene Sobolev

Co-Founder of Townfrog • Worked at Russmedia GmbH • Studied at @israeli-college-of-management

ID 527921

Eden Cohen

Founder CheckItApp Diagnostics, Android developer.

ID 260700

Alex Kogan

MSc electrical engineering and BSc math. 5 years engineer at IDF elite R&D unit - communications algorithms

ID 371380

Itamar Zur

internet savvy, founder and CEO at The Knowledge Sharing Project - a web-based social start-up; with a strong legal background (Supreme Court of Israel, HFN - Isreal's leading law firm), looking for a marketing/product/business development position with a

ID 471142

Yaniv Weiss

Founder HAPTICO Ltd • Studied at @ben-gurion-university-of-the-negev-www-bgu-ac-il

ID 119312

Erez Wolf

ID 113104

Isaac Sultan

Software Engineer graduated in the Guatemala's USAC University. I work in Israel developing software, and @sqmos-1 IT manager.
http://and SQMOS Technical support.

ID 672922

Benny Feifel

ID 113834

itay ashkenazy

Owner and founder at weddingram (WIX photosharing app), and

ID 165823

Udi Mosayev

Developer. Long time contractor and lead developer of several startups.

ID 648262

Valerie-Anne KATZ

I worked during two years as Audit Senior in Ernst & Young Compagny. I manage team with 2-3 persons. I did comptability analyses in IFRS, French and US GAAP.

ID 471701

Noa Aharon

Shenkar Graduate, Worked at Designer at Haaretz newspaper and Daedalos Design Studio.

ID 139458

Dmitry Gooshchin

CEO&Founder of @fractom. Holds a M.Sc. degree in Astrophysics. Expert in antenna technologies. Holds patents in the area of antennas and wireless technologies.

ID 298412

Jake Stafeyev

Founder ClothAt

ID 498805

Hadar Eisenstein

Marketing and Sales specialist at Perion, previously - Conduit.

ID 140671

Anatoly Gooshchin

Has over 30 years of experience in antenna technologies and telecommunication industry. Holds a M.Sc. degree in Radio communication and Broadcasting.

ID 430661

Oz Talmor

ID 322291

Ryan Suchet


Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, VC Analyst, Business Consultant

ID 610150

Adam Sher

Experienced UI UX Designer, BA in Graphic Design and Illustration, more than 15 years experience work with startups

ID 551312

Yoav Gross

iOS Developer at @stylift. Previously Served as captain at the @idf in a technological anti-ballistic missiles unit. B.SE. Hiking addict.

ID 485258

Omri Lotan

Co Founder and Developer @wondrme

ID 20749

Amit On


CTO & Co-founder @ CallApp

ID 194085

Didier Uzan

Founder @youngvarsity Dev: @ruby on Rails

ID 382424

Enzo Motioncooker

Inbound Marketing @k-wet-production , Business Development andvideo production & analysis @humour-consulting-group

ID 452339

Eyal Yavor

Co-Founder, CTO @meekan. A passionate developer who makes systems work nicely with each other.

ID 702486

Tal Angel

ID 220376

Tamir Keren

Founder @starbyt-mobile, @stanga-animation-studio

ID 164277

Gilad Landau

Founder @citypark

ID 604679

Ido Flax

ID 583543

Jonathan Magen

ID 46831

Rony Michaeli

Senior consultant at @trigger-foresight, leading Israeli management consulting co. Experience both in business strategy and corp. finance. MBA at Ben-Gurion Uni.

ID 608530

dror sivan

Data Engineer/Data Mining Analyst at Leumi Card Credit Company

ID 164756

Yuval Haimovits

Founder @enjoyya

ID 71521

Sergei Katz

Bsc. Managment, 20 years of internet expirience. Was part of 3 startups.

ID 79939

Nadav Rikover

Senior UX/UI and Brand Designer. Worked with various start-ups and created variety of visual solutions.

ID 576293

Eyal Torjman

profitable Sales Man, working with variety companies . Lead generator

ID 580005

Ortal Avraham

I'm a hard worker, a comics writer, a geek and a UX enthusiast looking for a challenging design position

ID 152647

Isaac Bakar

Founder @magettube • Worked at @vmp-international • Studied at Hit

ID 263006

Guy Breuer

Founder Batito

ID 246557

Aric Weinberg

Biology major. 4 years in the minor leagues. In Israel developing relationships with innovators. Working on a start-up in big data for competitive intelligence.

ID 553276

Barry Goldberg

Well versed in B2C and B2B relations. Strong people management skills. Studied Psychology. Worked at Bwin I global Media, Shaw Cable and Playtika.

ID 525165

Alice Peková

TAU exchange student, focused on ambient intelligence and complex systems simulations.

ID 354420

Albert Bravo

Co-Founder at Uminis. Expert in biophysical signals. Strong background in statistical signal processing applied to novel noninvasive sensing techniques.

ID 655181

Rotem Lanir

UX designer, focused on product designing.

ID 318408

Nicolas Mayants

Director of BD at Validroid

ID 503050

Opher Benrimon

To utilize my different way of thinking and variety of strengths and passions in extracting the essence of my capabilities as an innovative analyst while getting satisfaction from my occupation

ID 571942

Ishay Mamluk

Ruby on Rails developer

ID 554813

Nir Tzur

Software in the heart!

ID 544464

Deborah Lassin


ID 517219

Sergey Ivanushin

A true DBA and entrepreneur (founded ). I represent and advise some of the best up and coming a future project.

ID 573455

Ido Noyman

ID 526529

Moises Cohen Ghetea

ID 511584

Tomer Mashraki

Hi, Creative Director at start-up company in Israel. LinkedIn:

ID 506686

Tom Alfia

ID 541491

Amir Baron

Server developer with over 6 years of software development in Java and c.

ID 563393

Yehuda Knobloch

Founder Jointlotto

ID 525038

Mati Szaingurten

ID 535800

Omer Katz

ID 696083

Idan R

Senor iOS Dev @Any.DO

ID 510547


Entrepreneur and Innovator. Strong business and management background in the Israeli start-up scene.

ID 528048

Peter Ben

Proud Israeli that loves getting things done. Passionate with UX. Into usability & web apps. Enjoy hiking, photography & anything funny. Days spent at @taboola

ID 503840

Jonathan Endy

ID 534350

Avithal elias

ID 510512

Theo Terris

ID 577420


ID 468063

Rachel Meitis

ID 480443

Amit Cohen

ID 473849

Eyal Kessler

Technion grad, 6 years developer and team leader @ IDF, 5 years NiceActimize Professional Services

ID 481406

Jeremy OHANA

ID 483245

Yifat Soberano

Worked at several start ups in Tel Aviv; Strong product and UX sense; knows how to get things done fast; excellent problem solving and analytical skills

ID 496583

Hila Dar

ID 439349

Jacob Rothschild

Always looking to bring a smile to your face

ID 480898



ID 452730

Yaniv Issachar

ID 438650

Natalia Polonsky

ID 486244

Guy Palmeri

ID 474581

David Raviv

A senior server side software developer. Extensive experience in software development, technologist. Fast learner and a great team player

ID 445223

Roee Lahav

ID 471254

Ziv Segal

Android developer, previously tech lead @Check Point VoIP team, tech lead @juniper networks.

ID 478358

Ariel Klikstein

Founder at - Pojo is a cloud-based platform which enables building a professional website easily and speedily.

ID 439104

Jenny Sotnik-Talisman, MLIS

Marketing and Competitive Analysis Manager

ID 470448

Alon Bar David

Full stack developer and MEAN enthusiast.

ID 455412

Yanir Cohen

Qa Seeker

ID 492124

Ram Rachum

Python/Django developer

ID 622759

Jenny Levy

ID 631390

James Moshe

ID 434481

Roey Harari

commander of a patrol ship. running twice a full marathon.

ID 434526

Shanna Shapiro

Medical global product manager

ID 381560

Adam Zawel

Online Community Manager

ID 439985


Founder of The Israeli Flash Sales site BRANDA ; Technion BSc in Biotechnology and Food Engineering

ID 422654

Tom Bigelajzen

Front End, UX, Client Side and Beer. Also @tombigel

ID 361988

Dima Dobin

ID 430831

Jonathan Bartov

ID 395153

Neevai Esinly

ID 392510

Stephanie Perou

ID 690183

Maya Goldstein מאיה גולדשטיין (LION)

MBA graduate. Writer .works at Israel Film Fund. Multidisciplinary

ID 394650

Emily Roubini

ID 430735

Roy Zanbel

Fast learner, quick to understand new technologist and implement business logic in various fields.

ID 394672

Tabea Naeder

ID 687586

Sarah Cowart

ID 428251

Tamir Guberman

Managing developer team by day. Working on my projects by night. Moto in life: Impossible is nothing

ID 393080

Carlos Mantilla

Full Stack Developerr

ID 378780


ID 689221

Eli Rozen

iOS developer, launched 3 apps, recect app:

ID 366833

sasha gefen

Experienced Content Writer/Editor

ID 329260

Shoham Nicolet

Founder Anylrn

ID 638667

Mor Epel

8200 veteran, strong analytic capabilities,strong social skills, highly motivated, fast learner, creative thinker,

ID 293255

Moshe Shlomovitz

Founder @taskirlee

ID 352229

Sergey Ilin

ID 336435

Karina Chocron

Creative & Art Director. UI/UX specialist. Detail oriented.

ID 635326

Ori Weisler

Me and my team, all with a strong background in mobile(Android, iOS), server side, java, python, c++, c# are looking for short term projects,

ID 263450

Shimi Tapiro

Mobile ninja

ID 325135

Alexander Gambarian

Founder of LAWYA. Strong business background. Graduate of the prestigious School of Management. Independent Law Practice Professional (17 years' experience).

ID 239879

Ofer Gayer

ID 278147

Tomer Koren

B.A student - Business Administration at Ono Academic College; Creative type; Works at an Israeli mobile startup as a Marcom.

ID 307354

Omri Levy

Founder of 10beats, Musician, Early Adopter

ID 358390

Ron Ben Yosef, PMP

ID 269695


ID 345321

Gil Stern

Co Founder and coo @ Mixandwear

ID 303207

Roi Mor

ID 272079

Dror Ayalon

ID 255197

Gil Cohen


Co-Founded STS Telecom in 2002, acquired by EarthLink Business in 2011.

ID 640462

Limor David

ID 357196

Nitzan Raber

launched 2 successful facebook apps; founded 2 successful websites in Israel; launched a lot of facebook groups that reached thousands of people

ID 330888

ziv shalit

ID 228018

Isaac Mizrachi

ID 204792

Ofer Avital

6 Years expiriece with complex software. Sharp and creative

ID 194086

Alon Fridman

ID 158534

Elisha Evers

Founder @wikibrains • Worked at @energia-bavaria, @elisha-s-evers-onroerend-goed-bv

ID 218222

Nimrod Gavish

Founder @waaac-branding-interactive-design • Worked at @zimperium, @blend-it-2

ID 224276

Etai Shay

Partner @ GKH. Corporate and commercial lawyer with emphasis on tech companies from pre seed to exit.

ID 217498

Rashad Ahmad

Frontend Developer at, huge experience with .NET and C#

ID 212970

Roi Shlomi

ID 655761

Oren Ayalon

ID 195361


ID 651489

Barak Bloch

Worked for Ynet as a team leader, Was a Drupal Team Leader in Code Oasis. 9 years of PHP experience, Linux, git and open source user

ID 181734

Ehud Zamir


CEO of an internet company that owns properties like , &

ID 224712

Ziv Keinan

flexible diamond

ID 145318

Jordan Dahan


ID 169807

jonathan battegay

ID 183536

rep ❂ creative stuff

Founder rep ❂ creative stuff • Worked at @mytopia, @danbar-studio

ID 223798

Yogev Ahuvia

ID 210767

Guy Dosik

Founder Stars Club

ID 152375

Wilhelm T. Roth

ID 228852

Gal Tesler

ID 661919

Hadar Avivi

Currently looking for my next adventure in a start up company in a marketing position that would help spread the word about an idea that I believe in

ID 58449

Hagai Pipko

ID 81541

Yoni Shalom

Services team member -> Web Team Leader 5 out of 7 years experience at early-stage startups, strong problem solving and analysis capabilities.

ID 89157


Worked at @idf-spokesperson

ID 95434


Java server developer with good understanding of client side too, design-oriented. TDD approach, heavy automation experience. Internet tech knowledge.

ID 87289

Dan Berachowitz

CEO of Lotem Group, a web development company based in Herzelya, Israel. Dan has more than 8 years of experience in managing companies and development teams.

ID 120930

34 Ventures

We invest using a unique methodology blending cash investments with R&D for equity. On the look out for seed and early-stage startup companies.

ID 138031

Gary Pickholz

Chazen Visiting Scholar, Columbia, Global Capital Mkts Risk. Bonds R Us. Salomon, CSFB, Drexel Burnham. Hedge funds mgr, financial warfare, Expat 20+ yrs.

ID 82155

Hila Ronen

ID 41199

David Paluy

Starter. Entrepreneur and Technology Co-Founder.

ID 141736

Nir Yamin

ID 673071

Daniel Hillyer

ID 11788

Majento (Sharon Rudich)


Advisor / Founder / Scout of Startups Research Analyst + SME at Signals Intelligence Group Online Editorial & Strategy Executive Worked at Wix, Gizmoz, Vikido

ID 20812

Hanan Brand

ID 100579

tal bone

ID 656564

Ori Nadler

ID 20655

Avinoam Eden


Investor in @musicdealers-com, @www-neurostechnology-com.

ID 664126

Effie Feix

Knowledge Base/Content Writer; Language & Grammar Enthusiast; Worked at Wix in Portuguese, Spanish and English both Support and knowledge base.

ID 124745

Agam More

Web developer

ID 68426

Oren Oz

Husband to Hila. Dad to Ariel and Lihi . Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of @nuvo-group.

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