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ID 261448

Ziv Meltzer

Co-Founder, Head of Product & UX @hello-doctor • Worked as Senior Designer at @ebay Innovation Center • Studied at @technion-israel

ID 194634

Itay Roisman

VP Product Marketing at C2C-Cellmedia

ID 45224

Joel Gascoigne

Co-founder and CEO at @buffer. Took idea to revenue in 7 weeks. Now used to share 500K posts/day, with $3.5m ARR. Blogger, speaker, advisor. @angelpad alum.

ID 22622

Tsvika Kleinman

Extensive experience in product management, new product development and innovation, strategic planning, management and execution of complex products.

ID 283674

Sasha Zabersky

UX/UI designer and product person

ID 134821

Yotam Troim

Director of Product @ Fundnox

ID 360049

Ran Segall

I’m a designer who believes creative thinking & design can solve most problems. I aspire to create designs that empower, enrich and delight people.

ID 383128

Shane Skikne

[email protected] Chocolate-making, scuba diving nerd. Have 1 Patent, 2 cats & 1 calligraphy writing machine. Worked at @helparound and @skimbox.

ID 78272

Idan Gazit

Designer/Developer hybrid. Pythonista, Django core developer & DjangoCon keynote speaker. Data visualization junkie. CS & Math @ NYU, Israel Naval Intelligence.

ID 91213

Ephraim Mario Rattner

Results-focused Media Professional. Experienced in customer acquisition, bizz dev, online advertising, contract negotiations, and relationship management.

ID 518797

Avi Rudoi

Founder @captureyz-llc, head Video Producer at @prodege-swagbucks,Head Post Production Engineer @keshet-broadcasting

ID 90907

Hilla Manor

Entrepreneur & UX expert

ID 117467

Juan Maiz Flores da Cunha

Founded and CTO at (all in Brazil). Moving to Israel. Philosophy B.A. at UFRGS. More at

ID 217579

Asaf Nachmany

Senior SW engineer with a strong background in Front End development. B.Sc. in Computer Science, Academic College of Tel Aviv 2010.

ID 237090

Pavel Agoshkov

Founder Playtagon

ID 16768

Dani Megrelishvili

co-founder at

ID 152314

Eido Gat

UX Director at WisePricer. Worked at eBay,, ImOnline (eCommerce operator) and multi-year experience in branding and user experience strategy.

ID 71226

Jan Schultink

IT engineer turned McKinsey consultant turned presentation designer turned entrepreneur

ID 218222

Nimrod Gavish

Founder @waaac-branding-interactive-design • Worked at @zimperium, @blend-it-2

ID 511584

Tomer Mashraki

Hi, Creative Director at start-up company in Israel. LinkedIn:

ID 456002

Yogev Kidar

ID 270680

John Taieb

BSc Computer Science Engineering at Technion, Israel CEO and Founder of JL Technologies(Interactive Shop Window) Founder of ShidduchMan(Match between Facebook friends)

ID 471701

Noa Aharon

Shenkar Graduate, Worked at Designer at Haaretz newspaper and Daedalos Design Studio.

ID 196721

omri shuva

Full stack software engineer, strong business background

ID 159380

Haim Buchbut

Founder and Head of Products at @skillsin. Seasoned product manager and software engineer. Bar-Ilan MBA, 2007. Learn more about me at

ID 79939

Nadav Rikover

Senior UX/UI and Brand Designer. Worked with various start-ups and created variety of visual solutions.

ID 183536

rep ❂ creative stuff

Founder rep ❂ creative stuff • Worked at @mytopia, @danbar-studio

ID 655181

Rotem Lanir

UX designer, focused on product designing.

ID 292092

Eyal Steinman

Ask me.

ID 181734

Ehud Zamir


CEO of an internet company that owns properties like , &

ID 550152

Roy Oppenheim

Experienced creative director with more than 15 years of experience. Master in the fields of design, video, video production and UI.

ID 580005

Ortal Avraham

I'm a hard worker, a comics writer, a geek and a UX enthusiast looking for a challenging design position

ID 610150

Adam Sher

Experienced UI UX Designer, BA in Graphic Design and Illustration, more than 15 years experience work with startups

ID 336435

Karina Chocron

Creative & Art Director. UI/UX specialist. Detail oriented.

ID 86238

Benny Zingerevich

UX Designer & Web Dev. My passion is understanding what makes people tick. Co-Founded a startup and worked in one.

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