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ID 278832

Shai Ber

Co - Founder & CTO @aniways Co - Founder @courtreader Developer @microsoft BA in Computer Science and Biology (cum laude) MBA

ID 101161

Roie Cohen

Full Stack Javascript Developer • Core Contributor • Worked as CTO @gomango •

ID 409946

Yaron Sivan

Extremely analytical. Strong linguistics background. Lead the most complicated projects of SundaySky.

ID 100356

Sven Hoffmann

10+ years of experience in Application, Server, GUI, web and multimedia software development.

ID 135486

Roey Brecher

Co Founder and CTO at @wiser-3. Previously: algo trading hacker for hedge funds; team leader @idf (Mamram Alumni). B.Sc in Computer Science.

ID 133777

Uri Laserson

Data scientist at @cloudera. Co-founded @good-start-genetics. PhD in Biomedical Engineering at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. Genomics technology in George Church's lab for immunology.

ID 210019

Ran Dahan

ID 3901

Avishai Shoham

Founder & CEO of @evo. Love technology that helps ppl. Vast experience in wireless, social and defense technologies. Bsc EE, @stanford-university MBA. Father of 2

ID 233797

Itamar Yunger

Experienced RoR Developer; Worked @soundbetter Mximo, Biodata & ActvTec

ID 1260

Jonathan Pines

Founder @giftrocket • Worked at @facebook Investor @comprehend, @splitwise Studied at @stanford-university, @harvard-university

ID 64245

Amir Taichman

Co-Founder & CEO at @offscale

ID 71371

Omer Gertel

Founder & CTO, revolutionizing database development. 6 years R&D at IDF intelligence. Headed data warehouse dev at @kaltura. B.Sc in CS & MBA

ID 507013

Uri May

Officer and team leader in an elite IDF intelligence tech unit. Worked at @biocatch,@tawkon-1 and some big international companies.

ID 153589

Gur Dotan

Entrepreneur, software addict, open source evangelist, adrenaline junkie. Founder @soomla • Worked at @comverse-technology , @kontera, @capriza • Studied at @tel-aviv-university

ID 155128

Doron Gutman

ID 64413

Gilad Avidan

Co-founder, CEO at @smore (@techstars Seattle 2011)

ID 82644

Roy Solomon


Co-Founder of @applause-formally-utest (Named Forbes 8th Fastest Growing Private Company in 2013). A Product guy. Invest in mobile first start-ups.

ID 45224

Joel Gascoigne

Co-founder and CEO at @buffer. Took idea to revenue in 7 weeks. Now used to share 500K posts/day, with $3.5m ARR. Blogger, speaker, advisor. @angelpad alum.

ID 171723

Lior Aharoni

Founder EQuala • Worked at @cyber-ark-software

ID 309224

Uzi Halaby-Senerman

Founder & CTO at Greenbox. Formerly R&D Manager @general-electric and Senior Software Engineer @microsoft.

ID 221294

Vadim Vakhovsky

Ruby on rails software engineer. Worked at @frog-design, @deeplink

ID 314084

Dror Cohen

CEO & Co-Founder @codersclan • Worked at @ness-technologies, @idf

ID 189579

Saar Yoskovitz

Founder Augury Systems • Worked at @intel • Studied at @technion-israel

ID 122827

Ohad Kedar

Co-Founder & CEO at @wetrip - Social travel platform

ID 209807

Dima Kuchin

CTO @tradecrowd. Consumer web and high scalability expert.

ID 80863

Ron Bentata

Entrepreneur looking for inspiration and beautiful ideas. Extensive business and entrepreneurship experience. Technical practical background. Multi think/work..

ID 121974

Stas Goferman

Co-Founder and CEO at BAZAART. Doing Design, coding and algorithmics. I am a pixel perfect freak. I love when art and technology come together.

ID 30297

Eyal Termechi

CEO of Parajola

ID 48999

Zviki Cohen

Entrepreneur. Web Architect. Full stack software engineer. Pragmatic. Thrives on challenges. Problem solver. Driven by results and successful delivery.

ID 68417

Refael Ackermann


Principal at @empeeric. Cutting edge technophile.

ID 35338

Lior Sion

Founder @mit4mit-co-il • Worked at @gettaxi-gett-in-usa, @ibm, @clarizen - developed semi-real time routing products in rails and real time TCP stack in C++

ID 383128

Shane Skikne

[email protected] Chocolate-making, scuba diving nerd. Have 1 Patent, 2 cats & 1 calligraphy writing machine. Worked at @helparound and @skimbox.

ID 147422

Refael Dakar

Tech Ninja! Entrepreneur. Software execution expert. Co-Founder @soomla. Studied at Ben Gurion University Of The Negev.

ID 78272

Idan Gazit

Designer/Developer hybrid. Pythonista, Django core developer & DjangoCon keynote speaker. Data visualization junkie. CS & Math @ NYU, Israel Naval Intelligence.

ID 205687

Guy Korland

Founder @shopetti • Worked at @ibm-research, @gigaspaces-technologies • Studied at @tel-aviv-university, @technion-israel

ID 10403

Yaniv Solnik

CEO & Co-Founder @stadeom Since 1999 was a sw developer @idf then worked in various web & mobile consumer facing startups. Until 2012 was Founder & CEO @beetv

ID 136409

Dory Zidon

Hacker. Coder. Programmer. Entrepreneur. Geek. Dog Lover. Snowboarder.

ID 69164

Ido Green


Entrepreneur, runner, and a rider that knows and love to build companies, developers and applications.

ID 162286

Oren Noy

Founder Noknok • Worked at @tapingo

ID 117467

Juan Maiz Flores da Cunha

Founded and CTO at (all in Brazil). Moving to Israel. Philosophy B.A. at UFRGS. More at

ID 102576

Assaf Cohen

CEO VT • Over 12 years of relevant industry experience, most recently at Algotec (Med. Viz.) • @idf Capt. Res. • B.Sc. E.E (TAU) • High school graduation at 16

ID 526032

Ofir Geller

Founder Language Zen • Studied at @open-university-of-israel, @tel-aviv-university

ID 419985

nadav raviv

digital builder.

ID 156033

Slav Ben Ari

Founder at @icalledu • Work at @soluto, worked at @microsoft , Justice Department • Studied at @tel-aviv-university

ID 171697

Oz Katz

Co-Founder and CTO of @getswayy. I develop stuff for the web.

ID 518797

Avi Rudoi

Founder @captureyz-llc, head Video Producer at @prodege-swagbucks,Head Post Production Engineer @keshet-broadcasting

ID 217579

Asaf Nachmany

Senior SW engineer with a strong background in Front End development. B.Sc. in Computer Science, Academic College of Tel Aviv 2010.

ID 70016

Idan Shem Tov

Entrepreneur/Developer. Founder & CEO @qruso - Smart Offline-to-Online Lost & Found Solutions.

ID 69703

Gal Bracha

Founder and CTO @headbox • Full Stack at @taykey, @cellebrite

ID 132656

Boaz Avidan

Founder @innobi

ID 93032

Shai Almog

Founder/CEO at @codename-one

ID 323729

Tzvika Abramovich

Founder @tzvika-abramovich-telecom-consultant

ID 233275

Effie Arditi

Mealway Co-Founder, Hachiko Co-Founder, VP R&D @Choozer, R&D Director @Essence Group

ID 549172

Meiron Kedem

Enabling users to use technology is my thing, Senior Product (Release) Manager + Software Developer at Check Point Software Technologies

ID 248000

Eyal Weiss

Senior Front End Web Developer and Entrepreneur

ID 310363

Nadav Brill

Founder StockCG • Worked at @mpc-moving-picture-company, @starz-entertainment-services

ID 363734

Michael Matias

Co-Founder @anymeal Internship Work at Google Secretary General at TIMEMUN 2014 Captain of FIRST Robotics Team 4338

ID 164482

Maxim Novak

Full of enthusiasm for innovation, and passionate about the way technology and creativity can provide a solution for complex business problems.

ID 518467

Ilian Zerbib

Co-founder and CTO of Partymood. I love entrepreneurship, tech, and much more. Significant background in IT. Looking for new opportunities in Tel Aviv

ID 178479

Roy Pessis

Founder @wibki, @all-my-faves • Worked at @microsoft, @kidaro • Studied at @idc-herzliya

ID 122830

Jonathan Levison

Co-Founder and CTO @wetrip

ID 224659

Einav Carmon

Mamram graduate, B.Sc in Computer & bioinformatics from TLV academic collage. 4 years with Java, 3 years C#. looking to shift towards mobile but open minded

ID 132252

Jimmy Douieb

Jimmy Douieb

ID 289600

Elidor Simon

Founder TaxiShare B.S in Physiques (pending), Broad knowledge in multiple programming languages.

ID 449509

Chanan Damboritz

Web applications development in Ruby on Rails, extensive experience in Microsoft technologies stack, server side programming and recently client side as well. At Klarna we practice TDD and BDD, and are responsible for complete deliveries - from planning a

ID 449536

Boaz Shor

Work as Java software engineer at HP Software. MSc student at the CS department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

ID 690266

Rozin Gideon

General Manager / Research and Development (R&D) Manager

ID 155386

Ori Argov

All-round player, Swiss-Army knife, tech enthusiast, always learning and looking to create and apply. Great verbal and writing skills. Designed and built end-to-end desktop, web, mobile and embedded apps/games.

ID 180620

Dima Gluzman

c#, Software engineer, 8200, Team leader

ID 229508

Max Gulyaev

JS/PHP/Ruby on Rails ninja

ID 57871

Tzury Bar Yochay

founder @reblaze (

ID 171788

Naor Weissmann

Scalable infrastructure expert

ID 157666

Amit Moran

Chief Data Scientist at Crosswise

ID 270680

John Taieb

BSc Computer Science Engineering at Technion, Israel CEO and Founder of JL Technologies(Interactive Shop Window) Founder of ShidduchMan(Match between Facebook friends)

ID 73358

Itai Sagi

Founder @drawpr, Challengio • Worked at @freelancer, @cellebrite, @mycheck

ID 313970

Val Kotlarov Hoffman

13 years of development/webdev. Front-end expert. Back end Ruby/Rails developer. Linux and opensource leader.

ID 318335

Adam Matan

Java and Python developer on the Linux tech stack. CS degree from HUJI. Open source enthusiast. Currently exploring Scala.

ID 285524

Eyal Shiri

Founder Jigoro, Founded Sinapis Technologies

ID 334688

Jackie Assa

Founder of ffreview

ID 227688

Raphael Goldberg - Rozen

Telecom ParisTECH alumni, experienced in distributed systems, test automation and data analysis

ID 106948

Michael David

Founder and CTO @jombid

ID 424842

shlomit gershkovitch

java developer, server side at telmap

ID 473730

Roy Doron

built 15 full websites already.

ID 310957

Shlomi Fenster

Founder @prodsy • Worked at @liveperson, @israeli-air-force • Studied at @bar-ilan-university, @hit

ID 412100

Nir Heimann

Founder Pile • Worked at @nice-systems • Studied at @ben-gurion-university-of-the-negev-www-bgu-ac-il

ID 262239

Nadav Bueno

Co-Founder Tamuvu • Worked at @check-point, @trivnet-com, AppStream

ID 607418

Yali Pollak

BI Analyst @viber, Big Data Expert, B.Sc Ben-Gurion University

ID 379485

Alon Weinstein

Love Django & PHP - coming back home to this after a few years in marketing (last position as VP Marketing)

ID 113104

Isaac Sultan

Software Engineer graduated in the Guatemala's USAC University. I work in Israel developing software, and @sqmos-1 IT manager.
http://and SQMOS Technical support.

ID 492731

Asaf Lewin

Senior technology executive, Headed F16 avionics S/W, multi-disciplinary business-oriented hands-on experience: Mobile, SaaS, Internet, Analytics and Enterprise

ID 194085

Didier Uzan

Founder @youngvarsity Dev: @ruby on Rails

ID 196721

omri shuva

Full stack software engineer, strong business background

ID 255021

Gal Naor

Over 7 years of experience in software industry as a software engineer and team leader, both military & cloud based platforms.

ID 317674

Gil Adani

Software engineer real-time and web expert

ID 96667

Asaf Maor

DB Performance Architect

ID 240199

Yasha Gamliel

Solid software development understanding , passionate about my work and I love working with my team

ID 86238

Benny Zingerevich

UX Designer & Web Dev. My passion is understanding what makes people tick. Co-Founded a startup and worked in one.

ID 471298

Ron Reish

Looking for a good leading company

ID 260700

Alex Kogan

MSc electrical engineering and BSc math. 5 years engineer at IDF elite R&D unit - communications algorithms

ID 480002

Shay Goldman

Multidisciplinary background in IT & Software Dev.

ID 483245

Yifat Soberano

Worked at several start ups in Tel Aviv; Strong product and UX sense; knows how to get things done fast; excellent problem solving and analytical skills

ID 571942

Ishay Mamluk

Ruby on Rails developer

ID 608530

dror sivan

Data Engineer/Data Mining Analyst at Leumi Card Credit Company

ID 480443

Amit Cohen

ID 696083

Idan R

Senor iOS Dev @Any.DO

ID 470448

Alon Bar David

Full stack developer and MEAN enthusiast.

ID 165823

Udi Mosayev

Developer. Long time contractor and lead developer of several startups.

ID 478358

Ariel Klikstein

Founder at - Pojo is a cloud-based platform which enables building a professional website easily and speedily.

ID 473849

Eyal Kessler

Technion grad, 6 years developer and team leader @ IDF, 5 years NiceActimize Professional Services

ID 471254

Ziv Segal

Android developer, previously tech lead @Check Point VoIP team, tech lead @juniper networks.

ID 604679

Ido Flax

ID 452339

Eyal Yavor

Co-Founder, CTO @meekan. A passionate developer who makes systems work nicely with each other.

ID 140671

Anatoly Gooshchin

Has over 30 years of experience in antenna technologies and telecommunication industry. Holds a M.Sc. degree in Radio communication and Broadcasting.

ID 474581

David Raviv

A senior server side software developer. Extensive experience in software development, technologist. Fast learner and a great team player

ID 492124

Ram Rachum

Python/Django developer

ID 485258

Omri Lotan

Co Founder and Developer @wondrme

ID 152647

Isaac Bakar

Founder @magettube • Worked at @vmp-international • Studied at Hit

ID 354420

Albert Bravo

Co-Founder at Uminis. Expert in biophysical signals. Strong background in statistical signal processing applied to novel noninvasive sensing techniques.

ID 541491

Amir Baron

Server developer with over 6 years of software development in Java and c.

ID 554813

Nir Tzur

Software in the heart!

ID 263450

Shimi Tapiro

Mobile ninja

ID 124745

Agam More

Web developer

ID 120930

34 Ventures

We invest using a unique methodology blending cash investments with R&D for equity. On the look out for seed and early-stage startup companies.

ID 204792

Ofer Avital

6 Years expiriece with complex software. Sharp and creative

ID 217498

Rashad Ahmad

Frontend Developer at, huge experience with .NET and C#

ID 41199

David Paluy

Starter. Entrepreneur and Technology Co-Founder.

ID 635326

Ori Weisler

Me and my team, all with a strong background in mobile(Android, iOS), server side, java, python, c++, c# are looking for short term projects,

ID 395153

Neevai Esinly

ID 89157


Worked at @idf-spokesperson

ID 428251

Tamir Guberman

Managing developer team by day. Working on my projects by night. Moto in life: Impossible is nothing

ID 689221

Eli Rozen

iOS developer, launched 3 apps, recect app:

ID 352229

Sergey Ilin

ID 81541

Yoni Shalom

Services team member -> Web Team Leader 5 out of 7 years experience at early-stage startups, strong problem solving and analysis capabilities.

ID 455412

Yanir Cohen

Qa Seeker

ID 430735

Roy Zanbel

Fast learner, quick to understand new technologist and implement business logic in various fields.

ID 393080

Carlos Mantilla

Full Stack Developerr

ID 95434


Java server developer with good understanding of client side too, design-oriented. TDD approach, heavy automation experience. Internet tech knowledge.

ID 255197

Gil Cohen


Co-Founded STS Telecom in 2002, acquired by EarthLink Business in 2011.

ID 651489

Barak Bloch

Worked for Ynet as a team leader, Was a Drupal Team Leader in Code Oasis. 9 years of PHP experience, Linux, git and open source user

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