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ID 243060

Cory Rosenfield

Co-founder @qoints, @infinitesm • Studied BBA at @wilfrid-laurier-university and Construction Engineering at @conestoga-college

ID 631390

James Moshe

ID 518467

Ilian Zerbib

Co-founder and CTO of Partymood. I love entrepreneurship, tech, and much more. Significant background in IT. Looking for new opportunities in Tel Aviv

ID 139458

Dmitry Gooshchin

CEO&Founder of @fractom. Holds a M.Sc. degree in Astrophysics. Expert in antenna technologies. Holds patents in the area of antennas and wireless technologies.

ID 427356

Danny Glushenkov

Regulation, Economics professional. Worked at Israel's MOF, served as a board member at BSF.

ID 658736

aucher serr

Graduated with High Honors. Rich background in natural language processing. Strong interpersonal and orginazational skills.

ID 47064

Ohad Frankfurt

Co-Founder and CEO of @getswayy, writing contributor at TNW, socialmedia2day and lifehackorg , I talk and write mostly about social media and startup culture.

ID 529334

guy eitingon

Director of Content and Buisnes Development at IDC. Highly experienced at setting in motion projects combining creativity, content, technology and production

ID 121375

Haim Bachar

ID 579057

Yonatan Braude


ID 62884

Brian Weiss

Founder @weiss-media-consulting, @startup-mgmt-1 • Worked at @kroq-106-7fm, @wells-fargo • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 480898



ID 608530

dror sivan

Data Engineer/Data Mining Analyst at Leumi Card Credit Company

ID 503050

Opher Benrimon

To utilize my different way of thinking and variety of strengths and passions in extracting the essence of my capabilities as an innovative analyst while getting satisfaction from my occupation

ID 309196

Dori Dayan

Founder & COO at Greenbox. Previously @22seeds, @general-electric. Led product management and marketing efforts for several major apps.

ID 477852

David Lerner

Proven Successful Entrepreneur, People Organizer, Project/Product Manager. Track Record of Creating Value. Top of MBA class 2010.

ID 450789

Daniel Moscovitch

A smart, capable and driven individual looking to help an Israeli start-up reach its full potential.

ID 224712

Ziv Keinan

flexible diamond

ID 554683

Omer Yarkowich

Worked at small startups as well as large coprporations. Familiar with dynamics and needs of small startups. Committed and devoted hard working "A" player.

ID 375336

Noa Aaronson

Strong marketing and business background

ID 474355

Sydney Cohen

ID 498805

Hadar Eisenstein

Marketing and Sales specialist at Perion, previously - Conduit.

ID 68426

Oren Oz

Husband to Hila. Dad to Ariel and Lihi . Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of @nuvo-group.

ID 340963

Ohad Reshef

Well rounded manager with passion for great products and creative marketing

ID 123616

Jonathan Levi


Sold an Inc. 5,000 Rated eCommerce Company at age 24. Former EO Chapter President. Advisor to 4 Startups. VC Experience. BA @university-of-california-berkeley, MBA @insead-1.

ID 471142

Yaniv Weiss

Founder HAPTICO Ltd • Studied at @ben-gurion-university-of-the-negev-www-bgu-ac-il

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